The world is thrown into crisis by the Dark Cabal who seek depopulation of the earth as part of the New World Order. The cataclysm reaches the inhabitants of Ojai who are forced to awaken from their slumber and scramble for survival and enlightenment.

The world began with the Word and with it we will end, and in-between are lived the lamentable lives of men.

(Contains 88 short-stories and poems.)

The Angel and the Highway is the coming of age tale of a young dreamer and songwriter who hitchhikes around the United States looking for answers, love, adventure and himself.

While exploring Africa, the Hunter family discovers a strange land known by the ancient races as New Atlantis. Along the way, they learn much about themselves and of the eternal war between Good and Evil that is waged within the hearts of mankind.

Inspired by actual gameplay, The Doom of Evermoor is a fantasy tale about a group of six adventurers who are drawn into the schemes of Mindweb, the undead sorcerer, as he seeks the holy Relic of Pelor and the Tome of Souls.